Title: WebGIS Application for Health and Demographic Surveillance System using an Open Source Software

Duration: 8 months

Collaborators: INDEPTH Member centres from Africa, Asia and Oceania namely, Dikgale HDSS & Dodowa HDSS (Africa), Wosera HDSS (Papua New Guinea) and Vadu HDSS (Asia).

Sponsor: INDEPTH Network


                 PI India- Ms. Veena Muralidharan
                 PI Africa- Mr. Inos Dhau
                 PI Oceania- Mr. Elias Namosha

Rationale: In 2006, Open Source Geospatial Foundation was established whose mission was to support and promote the collaborative development of open geospatial technologies. The Open GIS Consortium has drawn various prominent institutes and organizations to create open source software wherein the source code is easily accessible and can be modified, extended and/or distributed for non-commercial purposes. Aims and objectives: The aim of this project is to introduce the potential of an open source GIS application to enable INDEPTH centres to strengthen their health and demographic surveillance system and publish their data and maps through this application.


  • To develop a WebGIS application for INDEPTH member centres to enhance the data collection capabilities.
  • To create an interactive WebGIS application using an open source software.

Methodology: To develop the web based application, open source GIS software namely, Geoserver was used. A minimum HDSS dataset prepared as per the iSHARE specifications was prepared and stored in an open source GIS database server, PostgreSQL Database server. The spatial referenced data was store in PostGIS of the database server. An interactive GIS application was developed on the Geoserver platform using Openlayers.

Study population / sample size: Minimum HDSS dataset as per iShare specifications

Outcome - some results / links to publication if applicable: Prototype of the application.

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