Title of Project: World Health Survey Study on Global Ageing - Vadu Rural Health Programme Supplement.

Investigator (s):

Dr. Siddhivinayak Hirve, Vadu Rural Health Program, Pune

Dr. Sanjay Juvekar, Vadu Rural Health Program, Pune

Representatives seven other member INDEPTH sites.

Collaborating/Participating Institutes (s):

INDEPTH Network, Accra, Ghana

Vadu Rural Health Program, KEM Hospital Research Centre, Rasta Peth, Pune 411 011,

Seven other INDEPTH member sites. (Names of these sites have appeared below).


Funding Agency:

INDEPTH Network, Accra, Ghana

Data collection Started: April 2006

Data collection Ended: March 2007


  • To adapt and pilot summary and full versions of the Survey on Global Aging research instruments, with a view to their long-term inclusion in the health and demographic surveillance operations of Vadu and other INDEPTH field sites
  • To partner this with  non-communicable disease and risk factor module implemented in Vadu and other INDEPTH sites. This will extend routine and special site survey systems to cover (a) mortality trends, including cause of death (b) risk factor measures for rapidly advancing non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular, stroke, diabetes etc), and (c) measures of health status, specifically physical and cognitive functioning.
  • To correlate such measurements with the routinely collected vital registration data and key indicators of individual/household social and economic status from Vadu and other INDEPTH data systems; disease and health state measures can be cross-correlated; change over time can be assessed; this understanding can be correlated with rapidly evolving social circumstances (for example evolution in the role of older adults in families, households and communities in an era of HIV/AIDS); and the basis will be laid for an ‘Adult Health & Aging Platform’ across the INDEPTH Network to support ‘transition’ analyses, hypothesis-driven research, and intervention trials or policy evaluations.




The SAGE was designed as a longitudinal data platform in 6 countries including India, based on methodological advances created by the WHO’s World Health Survey program. The shortened version of SAGE was implemented by the INDEPTH Network in 8 of its member DSS sites (Agincourt in South Africa, Filabavi in Vietnam, Ifakara in Tanzania, Matlab in Bangladesh, Nairobi in Kenya, Navrongo in Ghana, Purworejo in Indonesia and Vadu in India) each site with an enrolment target of 5000 adults (except the urban slum-based site of Nairobi with a target of 2000) aged 50 years and above. Of these, Agincourt, Navrongo and Vadu implemented both the shorter and longer version to complement the SAGE implementation in their respective countries at the national level. The SAGE short version was administered in 2007 by trained graduate field based researchers, to a sample of 6000 individuals aged 50 years and above.


A special supplement of Global Health Action was devoted to a set of publications based on INDEPTH SAGE study data in the year 2010. The articles are available online on http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/issues/185368/


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