Title: Feasibility of using a teleconsultation facility (Micro-Health Centre - MHC) in management of Chronic Respiratory Disorders (CRDs) in remote rural area.

Funder/Sponsor :The University of Edinburgh.

Objective: This study is ongoing in Pabal area (PhD study). The aim of this study is to demonstrate the feasibility of providing a clinician-to-clinician remote consultation service using digital technology linking primary physicians with specialists. Remote rural places have always experienced inequity in access to health care facilities and services. Even where places are equipped with facilities, the availability of trained health care providers is a challenge. Recent advances in technology have enabled clinicians to deploy telemedicine in remote locations. Tele health care provides a holistic approach to health and wellbeing by improving access. However, multiple barriers still exist to implement tele health care and to scale-up the available technology. Use of tele health care for the management of Chronic Respiratory Disorders (CRDs) in India is not yet proven, hence a feasibility study will help to explore barriers and facilitators to the successful implementation of teleconsultation. This will be done by documenting views, opinions and experiences of opinion leaders and by understanding the perception of the stakeholders, including providers and patients, towards doctor-to-doctor teleconsultation. This study will generate evidence for creating a policy on ‘Management of overall chronic diseases at remote rural areas in India using teleconsultation’.

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