Title: Informing global efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of low and middle-income populations: The INDEPTH Network of Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems (The iSHARE initiative)

Objective: ISHARE as a project initiated a decade back to responsibly share health and demographic data to facilitate global research on population data. Over time it matured beyond just data sharing to capacity building with respect to developing, documenting, extracting, harmonizing and quality-assuring of analytical datasets from raw operational databases. An all in one appliance named centre-in-a-box (CiB) to do all these was designed, developed and deployed at all member HDSS sites. One of the major outcome of iSHARE project was the INDEPTH Data Repository, which hosts well documented anonymized longitudinal microdata from member sites as a central data catalog on its portal www.indepth-ishare.org Under this project, 47 HDSS sites were trained over multiple workshops, from which 35 sites with measurable data quality contributed annual updated dataset versions covering 8.7 million events from 4.6 million individuals and more that 39 million person-years of observation representing the first harmonized database of longitudinal population-based data from LMICs for a total of 118 published datasets since inception. 14 other datasets have been published till date adding diversity to the repository. The project was funded up to August 2017 with a no-cost extension of one year and currently been run as self-funded in full operational mode adding datasets on-demand and awaiting renewal of funding.

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