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Dr. Sanjay Juvekar - Officer in Charge - Vadu Rural Health Program; Site Leader- HDSS, Vadu; PI- Core Vaccine Research Unit, Vadu

Qualifications - PhD (Anthropology)
Profile -Dr. Sanjay Juvekar, an anthropologist by training, played a major role in establishing Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) at Vadu. In addition to this responsibility he was the Principal Investigator on various studies including IMVAC study on COPD in India in collaboration with the CRF, Pune and the Imperial College, London; Non- communicable diseases risk factor study; iShare; Health Equity Study supported by INDEPTH. Currently, he is the Principal Investigator on studies including 'influenza disease burden in India' (IDBI study) in collaboration with NIV, ICMR, and CDC (USA); Study on Ayurveda and genomics supported by IGIB and Co- Investigator on Vaccine trials including Vaccine trial on rotavirus vaccine supported by Department of Biotechnology, India and PATH, USA. He was the Study Manager on aerosol measles vaccine trial supported by ICMR and WHO. Prior to joining VRHP he has worked with the Foundation for Research in Community Health (FRCH) for 8 years in the field of Tuberculosis and behavioral sciences. He has mentored about 30 students in their research and field activities. VRHP as a research institute has developed under his leadership and guidance.His perseverance and determination has also helped in the development of the rural community in Vadu area. He strives towards establishing a transparent and ethical working environment within the institute.

Dr. Anand Kawade - Paediatrician

Qualifications - MD (paed). DCH
Profile -Dr. Anand Kawade has 18 years of rich and varied experience in the Healthcare industry in India. He is involved in various vaccine trials at Vadu as an investigator. He also acts as the pediatric consultant at Shirdi Sai Baba Rural Hospital, Vadu. He has expertise in intensive and critical care for children and neonates. He has worked in multiple application domain areas such as child development, learning problems, immunization practices, infectious diseases, vaccinology. Dr. Anand has completed his M. D (Pediatrics) in 1993 and D.C.H. (DIPLOMA IN CHILD HEALTH) in 1990 from Government Medical College, Nagpur-India. He has 13 years of experience of teaching Pediatrics in renowned institutes in India. His enthusiasm and zeal for research has enabled him to learn new techniques and develop his skills as a researcher in community health and more specific on child health.

Pallavi Lele - Sr Scientist

Qualifications - Master of Science (Medicine) in the field of Population Based Field Epidemiology, Master of Science in Anthropology.
Current Project - Study of Investigating validity of maternal recall of care seeking location
Brief Summary - Pallavi Lele has been working with Vadu HDSS since October 2002. Previously Pallavi has worked as Research Fellow from September 2001 to February 2002 with University Grants Commission's project entitled 'Inheritance of Digital Patters' at Department of Anthropology, Savitribai Phule University of Pune and was also associated in organizing and as a faculty member in Certificate Course in Forensic Science conducted by Maharashtra Association of Anthropological Sciences (MASS, Pune) from December 2001 to February 2002. Pallavi has completed her Master of Science (Medicine) in the field of Population Based Field Epidemiology from School of Public Health, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Before that she has completed her Master of Science in Anthropology from Department of Anthropology, Savitribai Phule University of Pune, India and Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Savitribai Phule University of Pune, India. She coordinated two important studies at KEMHRC; one on Influenza Disease Burden and other on Women, WASH and Health in rural Pune. Currently she is working on study that is investigating validity of maternal recall of care seeking location. Apart from being responsible for management of HDSS, social sciences research studies and epidemiological studies also responsible for data analysis at KEMHRC.

Dr. Girish Dayma - Project Manager

Qualifications - B.A.M.S., PGD in Clinical Research
Current Project - Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine study, Rotavac Rollout study.
Brief Summary - Dr. Girish is having holistic experience of more than 7 years in Clinical Research Operations.
Since November 2009, working with KEM Hospital Research Centre Pune in Clinical Research Operations for large community based Phase II/III vaccine trials sponsored by WHO, DBT, PATH & BMGF. He is presently working as Assistant Project Manager and Project Coordinator on various projects undertaken at VRHP, KEMHRC. He has previously worked as Data Manger on Oral Rota Virus Vaccine, sponsored by DBT, PATH, & BBIL. He has previously managed the documentation of Measles Aerosol Project, Phase III pivotal trial sponsored by WHO. Dr. Girish is Ayurveda Physician by training and has worked for four years with multi-specialty hospitals in Pune for direct patient care and critical care management. He then pursued a PG Diploma course in Clinical Research. He also has experience in medical writing, document management, and pre-authorization process for a US based medical review group for 5 years. He is efficient in switch-over roles and has the ability to multi-task. He also possesses strong analytical skills to review and interpret complex medical records for writing medical reports. His key interest includes quality management, pharmacovigilance, regulatory updates, and ethics.

Dhiraj Agarwal - Laboratory Manager

Qualifications - M.Sc (Health Sc.)
Current Project - “Pune Microbiome Study” in collaboration with National Centre for Cell Sciences, Pune supported by DBT, Government of India and also pursuing PhD in "Human Metagenomics" from the Savitribai Phule University of Pune with support from Vadu.
Brief Summary - Dhiraj Agarwal coordinates and manages the activities of the laboratories in Vadu and has also contributed in the development of state of the art research and molecular laboratory at Vadu. He joined Vadu Rural Health Program in July 2007. He has worked as a trainee in National Centre for Cell Sciences, Pune and Haffkine Biopharmaceutical, Pune.
He also manages the laboratory for various clinical trial research studies (vaccine trials) such as ROTA 03/12, PCV, EPI-ROTA etc. Previously, he was actively involved in "Iron fortification study" and "Iron supplementation study (Sprinkles)" and also managed various clinical trial research studies (vaccine trials) such as Meningitis Vaccine Project, HIB trial, Measles Aerosol Project, BBIL/ROTA/021 vaccine project. He was also involved in field based research studies in Vadu such as Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) from 2007 till date, SAGE study in 2007 etc. In addition to this he was also part of non-clinical research like Ayurgenomics and TRISUTRA study, Influenza Disease Burden Surveillance study, etc. He is recipient of “Young Scientist Travel Award” from INDEPTH Network in 2009 for the abstract submitted and presented during the INDEPTH-AGM 2009. He is also received “Young Scientist Sponsorship” from the European Respiratory Society for attending the conference at London in September 2016 and also received a travel grant from ICMR, Government of India for the same.

Tathagtata Bhattacharjee - Honorary Sr. Data Manager

Qualifications - MBA - IT
Profile-Tathagata Bhattacharjee has over 20 years of varied experience in IT with exposure to both academia and industry. He completed his graduation with Physics as major and then moved into the information technology area. He possesses PG diploma in IT Systems Management and MBA degree with specialization in Information Technology. He currently works with INDEPTH Network as Senior Data Manager for the iSHARE2 project. Prior joining INDEPTH, he has worked with companies like NIIT Ltd., Globsyn Technologies Ltd., International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT) and Oracle India. He was also an honorary member of the INDEPTH Scientific Advisory Committee from 2008 to 2011. His area of specialisation is database management, data warehousing and data analysis. He has mentored many INDEPTH and Vadu HDSS project. To name a few:

Developing the Information Management System for Health and Demographic Surveillance System for Vadu HDSS in India. (2006)
Developing a Prototype for INDEPTH Data Sharing in Health and Demographic Surveillance – building capacity in data management across India, Thailand and Papua New Guinea. (2007)
Cleaning, standardizing and harmonizing HDSS data from heterogeneous sources, formats and structures (2008)
Developing the Information Management System for Health and Demographic Surveillance System for Wosera HDSS in Papua New Guinea (2008)
iSHARE - INDEPTH Data Sharing Project (2009)
Data Integration of HDSS sites in Papua New Guinea (2011)
ETL Automation Tool (2011)
Centre-in-a-Box (CiB) pilot project (Proof of Concept) (2011)
Currently he is working with INDEPTH Network on iSHARE2 project, the output of which is INDEPTH Data Repository.


Sandeep Bhujbal - Honorary Jr. Data Manager

Qualifications - MCS
Profile Sandeep Bhujbal has 10 years of experience in the field of information technology. He has worked as a Sr. Research Associate with I2IT ,Pune for 3 years upto September 2013. Prior to that, he has worked as Freelance trainer at Tech Mahindra & Congnizant.He currently works with INDEPTH Network on iSHARE2 project, the output of which is INDEPTH Data Repository.

Dr. Sudipto Roy - Young Investigator

Qualifications - M.B.B.S., M.D. (Community Medicine)
Current Project - Maternal and Child Health as part of the PRERNA platform.
Brief Summary - Sudipto Roy has been working in the field of public health for the past six years with experience in healthcare research, program management and delivery. After completing M.D. in Community Medicine from Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai in 2009, he joined WHO- National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) as Surveillance Medical Officer in the polio eradication programme in Bihar, India followed by experiences with FHI360 as a Technical Officer-HIV/STI in Mumbai in the Aastha project, funded by the BMGF. He has worked as a TB Research Coordinator at Johns Hopkins University-CCGHE at Pune, B.J Medical College, Pune. He currently works as a Young Investigator in Maternal and Child Health as part of the PRERNA platform and is involved in three community based studies related to child health research as well as a vaccine clinical trial. He is a visiting faculty at the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences at University of Pune for MPH and MSC courses and a peer reviewer for the Indian Journal of Community Medicine for the past four years.

Rutuja Patil - Young Investigator

Qualifications - M.Sc in Biotechnology, Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
Current Project - Maternal and Child Health as part of the PRERNA platform.
Brief Summary - Ms. Rutuja started her work in the Vadu Rural Health Program (VRHP) as a biotechnologist, to develop a molecular biology laboratory. She worked on the genomics and laboratory-based projects initially and gained experience of working in metagenomics with two research groups. During this time, she contributed to the laboratory activities of the vaccine trials and Influenza Disease Burden study and eventually facilitated team development for day to day functioning of the molecular biology laboratory.
While doing the lab related work, due to the usual multi-tasking culture at VRHP, she had opportunities to work with different teams including those leading HDSS, Socio Economic Status (SES) surveillance and other INDEPTH network related activities. In the process, she was involved in the development and training of the SES assessment module and conducting anthropometry. Meanwhile she had an opportunity to coordinate communications and related institutional activities which helped her to learn and enhance skills of effective communication using technology.
VRHP being a house to a variety of research areas, she was exposed to public health research, the results of which had potential for policy and made her realize the importance of transforming research findings into public health policy. Over time, she was convinced that although evidence based policy making process seems an obvious phenomenon, research seldom is seen influencing policy decisions in India. She is pursuing her doctoral work so as to understand transforming research to policy. In long term, she plans to bridge the gap between researchers and policymakers by becoming a leader in translation of research findings to policy.

Vijendra Ingole - GIS Research Fellow

Profile -Vijendra Ingole is a GIS research Fellow at Vadu. He works on Vadu database for efficient service delivery, linking all past micro-studies in Vadu area and Future research; Recording of key variables such as Deaths, Births, Marital status, Pregnancies, occupation, Socio-economic condition. In-Migrations & Out-Migrations; Keeping track of population dynamics; Evaluation of intervention services; Carrying out a regular surveillance (i.e. Verbal Autopsy survey, non-communicable disease risk factor and Fertility surveillance)and linkage and analysis of the HDSS Data with the help of advanced technology Geographic Information System.(GIS) and Remote Sensing. He also works as co-investigator on INDEPTH Web-GIS- Application for Health and Demographic Surveillance System using Geoserver, an Open Source Software. He is also persuing his PhD fron Umea University, Sweden on- Weather analysis using Metrological data (temp., rainfall and humidity) on Mortality. Previously he has worked as Teaching associate on Geoinformatics, Department of Geography, University of Pune.

Uddhavi Chavan - Assistant project manager

Qualifications - M.Sc. (Health Sciences)
Current Project - Study of Investigating validity of maternal recall of care-seeking location.
Brief Summary - Uddhavi Chavan is working with Vadu Rural Health Programme since May 2012. Currently she is working as Assistant project manager on ‘Investigating validity of maternal recall of care-seeking location’. She is trained in health sciences and is involved in the social science research activities at Vadu. She is developing her expertise in qualitative research methods. She has also got a chance to attend “Data analysis and Writing” workshop conducted at Harvard University, USA in 2014.

Bharat Choudhary - HDSS co-ordinator

Qualifications - Masters in Politics and Marathi
Current Project - HDSS.
Brief Summary - Bharat Choudhari is working with Vadu Rural Health Programme from 2003. He is responsible for managing training, monitoring of surveillance activities and extensive planning of fieldwork for HDSS. He has been involved in various research projects at Vadu. In addition to his field management skills he has acquired and developed his knowledge data cleaning and analysis using SPSS & STATA.

Hanif Shaikh - Sr.Project Manager

Qualifications - M. Pharm
Profile -Md. Hanif Shaikh works as Project Manager on Vaccine trial at VRHP, Vadu since June 2009. Presently he is working as Sr. Project Manager on Oral Rota Virus vaccine project, sponsored by DBT and PATH. He is a pharmacologist by training and manages the clinical trials at Vadu very efficiently. He has worked with Emcure Pharmaceuticals Pune in Marketing for a year and with Biostar Pharmaceuticals as production officer for one year. Furthermore, he has worked as a lecturer at JSPM college of Pharmacy, Pune for 2 years and was the Vice principal for a year. He worked as Research Associate (Medical Affairs and Clinical Research) at Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. for 3 years .He is now pursuing his PhD in Pharmacology at KIMS University Karad. He is a Co investigator on INDEPTH TB Risk Factor Surviellance Project and is actively involved in development of INDEPTH-ReAct Antibiotic Resistance Project.

Dr. Arunkumar Gondhali - Clinical Co-ordinator

Qualifications - B.A.M.S., Msc Pharmaceutical Medicine
Profile -Dr. Arunkumar Gondhali working as a Clinical coordinator on Oral Rota Virus Vaccine project, sponsored by DBT, PATH, & BBIL. He joined Vadu Rural Health Program in June 2011, after completing his Masters in "Pharmaceutical Medicine" from Maharashtra University Health sciences, Nashik in 2009 and a Bachelors degree in "Ayurvedic Medicine and surgery" in 2004. He is a back bone for SAE reporting on rotavirus project. Before joining Vadu he has worked as Clinical research coordinator at Pune on phase III erectile dysfunction study, sponsored by Vedic life science. He has previously managed screening, taking informed consent, subject enrollment, scheduling visits of subjects, documentation on erectile dysfunction. Dr. Arunkumar has worked for six years with multi-speciality hospitals in Pune, Nashik, Mumbai and Satara for direct patient care and critical care management. He then pursued a post graduation in Msc pharmaceutical Medicine (PG in Clinical Research). He also completed his diploma in yoga and Ayurveda.

Mr. Rakesh S. Patil - Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Qualifications - M.Sc Biotechnology, PG diploma in Clinical Research
Profile - Mr.Rakesh Patil is presently working as Senior Clinical research coordinator on Rota Virus vaccine project sponsored by DBT,PATH and BBIL. He coordinates all clinical trial activities and QC of clinical trial documents. He has worked on phase I to phase IV clinical trials in various therapeutic area. He was also part of H1N1 vaccine, Hexavalent vaccine and bOPV vaccine clinical trials. He completed his Master degree from Bangalore unversity in 2008 and PG diploma in clinical research and clinical data management in 2009. He has also worked as Biotechnologist with MITCON Biopharma.

Mr. Lalitkumar Gupta - Quality Control Manager

Qualifications - M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Profile - Mr. Lalitkumar is working as a Quality Control Manager on Oral Rota Virus vaccine project,sponsored by DBT, PATH, & BBIL. After completion of his PG from Pune University in 2009, he worked as a Lecturer for two and half year.He joined Vadu Rural Health Program in March 2012 as a Asst. Data Manager. In August 2012, he was promoted as QC Manager. His main responsibility is maintenance, verification, Updation and quality control of all clinical trial protocol specific documents ensuring data accuracy, integrity and consistency with prescribed study protocol. To ensure compliance with protocol guidelines and requirements of regulatory agencies to ensures the precise execution, collection and processing of quality data, and assist in the compilation and verification of research data.To assist CRAs in routine monitoring visits by query resolutions, data clarification, follow up and action items. Apart from clinical trial related functions, actively involved as a Quality Control Manager in Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS).

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